Upcoming New Releases in 2014 (Part 2)

Continuing with my look at what’s likely to greet us in 2014, here’s another selection of goodies that I’m sure will delight many…

(Part 1 can be viewed here)


Liverpool’s Anathema have had a couple of big years and 2014 threatens to be another. The big question however, is this: can they match or top the slice of aural perfection that is ‘Weather Systems’? It is a big ask, but if anyone is capable, it’s Anathema.


Another band with a tough task on their hands is Italian progressive metal band Kingcrow. ‘In Crescendo’ featured in many people’s end-of-year best of lists thanks to some fantastically strong songwriting, memorable melodies and a production to die for. Early hints from the band suggest something slightly different but whatever they release, I’m sure it will have prog fans salivating.


In Flames were the first melodic death metal band that I dicovered & were one of the pioneers of the ‘Gothenburg sound’ during the 90s. And, whilst some may bemoan their gradual departure from their early sound, the fact remains that In Flames tend to release quality albums full of heavy, catchy anthems. As such, I always look forward to new material from these Swedes.

‘Circus Pandemonium’

One of the most underrated and unknown bands in prog rock circles finally return after a protracted hiatus with a new abum. The Swedes have become something of a cult band and those that know the name will rejoice at news of new material. The approach is quirky but brilliantly written and executed progressive rock. High hopes for this one.

‘At War With Reality’

The legendary At The Gates are back and are due to unleash a brand new studio album, their first for nearly a decade. Released in 1995, ‘Slaughter of the Soul’ remains one of the best-loved albums within the melodic death metal genre and so expectations are high for the new release. Naturally many fans are nervous and sceptical, but I’m sure the new album will be well worth the wait.


A firm favourite with me, news of a new Insomnium album is always very welcome. Princiapally a melodic death metal band, Insomnium are not afraid of adding other ingredients to their sound. The new album, according to the band will have a much more demonstrable death/black metal vibe and, based on the one track they’ve released as a teaser, I’m very excited about hearing the full album sometime in the spring.

Plus, if you missed my round-up of the best of 2013, that can be accessed via this link.

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